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Conditions of letting

  1. The Grove Sports Centre Management Committee reserves the right to decline any application for hire or bar extension without giving reason for such refusal.

  1. Hirers must note that they are restricted to the facilities that are available in the area that has been booked, unless they are paid up members of the Grove Sports Centre.

  1. The capacity of either room must not exceed the following:
    Lounge = 120 persons. Sports Bar = 100 persons. Somerset Bar = 100 persons.

  1. The Centre is licensed for music and dancing during licensing hours.

  1. The term ‘hirer’ shall mean person, persons or body making the application to hire the Grove Sports Centre.

  1. The hirer shall not, without permission, store or leave on the premises, equipment or materials of any kind, nor add, fix, alter or change any part of the premises.

  1. The hirer will, to the best of their ability, ensure that patrons leaving the premises do so in a quiet and orderly manner to avoid the disturbance of local residents.

  1. Any property brought into the building, or onto the premises, will be at the owner’s risk.

  1. When the kitchen facilities are used they are to be left in a clean and tidy condition. Excessive cleaning, left outstanding after the event, can be done the next morning by prior arrangement with the Steward or senior Bar Person. Some food containers may be left in the Kitchen to be collected the next morning all at an agreed time.

  1. Food, cooked or otherwise, may be brought into the premises for consumption, however, the standard of hygiene of this food remains the responsibility of the hirer at all times.

  1. Unless agreed by prior arrangement where corkage fees will apply, NO ALCOHOLIC DRINKS MUST BE BROUGHT INTO THE PREMISES. THEY MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE BAR.

  1. No person under the age of 18 YEARS shall be served with, or permitted to consume intoxicating liquor on the premises.

  1. The hirer shall be responsible for:-

…Complying with any rules or legal requirements applicable and absolve the Committee from all


…Strict observance of notices displayed on the premises concerning the control of  children. Please refer

         to paragraph ‘CHILDREN ON THE PREMISES’.

…Ensuring a good standard of conduct by those present and preventing any under age drinking (see item            12).

…The setting out of the furniture as required, and returning to the original position.

…Ensuring that all exits from the rooms are kept clear of any obstructions.

…Ensuring that the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition.

…Removing all equipment and material brought in by, or on behalf of, the hirer.

…The repair of any damage to the Centre or it’s property, however caused, during the period of hire.

…Any resultant damage and excessive cleaning, if required, and the cost thereof.

The decisions of the Management Committee on hiring will be final and absolute.


The Grove Sports and Social Club is a Member’s Club. The Management Committee is responsible for

looking after the interests of all the general Membership.  For private functions in a hired room or skittle

alley, children must be kept with their parents and must not be allowed to go into other Bar areas.

Through experience, this has caused Health and Safety issues and has been upsetting for the Club

Members using the other Bars. Parents are required to accompany their children to the toilet facilities.



The Steward or Senior Bar Person is empowered to ask a family to  leave the premises if the above is not

adhered to.


To comply with the current fire safety order legislation, the HIRER must be aware of and accept the


The Steward or the Senior Bar Person is responsible for the overall Fire Safety aspects of the building:

The HIRER, for the purposes of the above legislation, will be deemed to be the RESPONSIBLE PERSON in

the function area being hired, in aspects of fire safety, especially where table candles, lanterns or other

naked flames are to be in use.

It is the legal duty of the HIRER to announce themselves as the RESPONSIBLE PERSON to the Steward or

Senior Bar Person at the commencement of the function, so that the hirer can be made familiar with:-

The HIRER must also be aware of the fire instructions posted in the building.